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Brand Voice: Why It's Important

We all understand the importance of a company having a brand identity, but I think we all seem to forget the companies voice. I believe this voice has become more important over the past couple of years due to Social Media platforms. Social Media is more than a place to push ads and sell your products, it’s a way to make your company personal and humanize it to your audience. I think this should be a company’s priority when putting together a social media strategy. We’re all entrepreneurs and we always look for the opportunity to make a sale, but sometimes the best thing for us to do is to make an impact. How can you find your companies voice and use social media to make your audience fall in love with your brand?



How would you describe your company’s personality If your brand was a person? How do your brand’s personality traits make you different from your competitors?

Begin with three broad traits:

  • Friendly
  • Comical
  • Honest

Define each one further. How do these characteristics show up in audience communication? How do they come across in the kind of content you’re creating? How to they appear in your focused topics?

  • Friendly – heartfelt, thoughtful, helpful
  • Comical –playful, approachable, amusing
  • Honest – genuine, trustworthy, direct


Try to relate to your audience. People are much more likely to become a loyal follower of a company when they relate to and/or share common values with your brand. What are your company values? Family, equality, acceptance, tradition. Then find ways to convey these company values. For example, Hobby Lobby values family, and this is why they are closed on Sundays.


Now more than ever companies are being held accountable and to a higher standard because they have a platform to show what they stand for. It’s essential that we are genuine. The market is smart and never underestimate your audience, they will see through fake. Find issues and values that you truly hold close to your heart and become an advocate in that issue. We want companies who care and who are looking to give back to their communities, and even the world.

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